Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bare by Annie Lennox (CD)

Music Review by Zinta Aistars

# Audio CD, Price $18.98
# Original Release Date: 2003
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: J-Records

Annie, you really do something to me...

I've long been a fan of this truly awe-inspiring musical talent: Annie Lennox. In an age when female "musicians" (and there's a reason I put that word in quotes) dress and dance to distract (because they must) the audience from their lack of musical talent, we have Annie. An artist. The woman is beautiful in the only way that matters: outside, sure, but without degrading herself, and inside, yes, most of all, with a honed talent and upper level passion that have produced a CD that instantly ranked top slot in my collection. I knew it would the moment the first track flooded into my room. Oh yeah...

Bare shows off a voice that is strong and sure, rich in range, and unmistakeable Annie. Her lyrics have the courage to reveal a hurting heart, the kind that hurts so good, yet has you believing in healing again. The music itself is the kind that lingers in the mind long after play is over, pure and clean, soulfully haunting. The combined effect -- woman, musician, music, lyrics -- is unforgettable. I'm a first row fan.

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